About us


We live in Hungary, we are small breeders.
Our Kennel is registered in FCI and all of our dogs have their pedigree.
We belong to the Hungarian Kennel Club.
The club that takes care on our species is Hugarian Toy Molosser Club.


We live with our dogs together as a great family.
The first and most important thing for us is the health of our dogs and puppies.


The adult dogs live around us and we are in daily contact with them, they are  well socialized. We take much care on their mental and physical state. We deal with them every day, we take great walks together, they can play with each other in the garden. We regularly attend shows with some of them.
Our dogs are regularly vet checked, and all of them have breeding test.


〈 ◊ 〉 Spring IN OUR KENNEL 〈 ◊ 〉

In 2016 we began testing our dogs for the main hereditary diseases, like Hereditary Cataract and Degenerative Myelopathy. In the future intend to spread the testing to other diseases. We take our dogs to XRay, because we want to check their state concerning to Hip Dysplasia, trachea, spine and patella. 
After the results we can say that fortunately our dogs have a very good health condition and we can be brave enough to breed them.
It is the way on that we can get healthy puppies, and it is our aim.
In the future we’ll test all of our puppies!


Our purpose is giving our dogs happiness, and getting healthy puppies.
The puppies are also well socialized and prepared for housebreaking.

They get into their new homes with medical_examination, they get all up to date shots, as Parvo, DHPPi, KC, Rabies, they are de-wormed regularly and get the greatest love and care from us. The puppies learn the socialization with us and with the other dogs in their early weeks and months.

IMG_1591_〈 ◊ 〉 Everyday life in our kennel 〈 ◊ 〉

We have references in several countries, e.g. in the USA, Ireland, England, Portugal, South-Korea, Hungary, etc. You can find some of our References here.
We want to find the best homes for our babies. We sell them only if we are sure in that they get into the best home. We prefer giving and selling them as pets, or to small in home breeders. The puppies have FCI pedigree, and the new owners get their FCI Export Pedigree.

IMG_0789_ We are always very happy when we get pictures of our puppies from their new owners, we prefer keeping contact with them and hearing news about our sweeties. 

〈 ◊ 〉 A silent afternoon in our kennel 〈 ◊ 〉


Some beautiful memories from the past of our kennel. The newest show results can be found in the Show gallery of our website.